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RV is an abbreviation for ‘recreational vehicle'. It is a van that is furnished with the many amenities of living, including beds, showers, and cooking equipment, so that people can live in it, usually while traveling. It can be relatively low in cost and can be a substitute for air travel, depending on your destination and adventure of choice. But, most important, RVs give you the freedom to be wherever you want to be, whenever you want to be there, for however long to choose to be there. It may be a daunting task to figure out which RV is right for you. But, rest assured that there are many options, depending on your needs, and preferences.

Read on to learn more about RVs, and to receive some guidance on how to choose the best RV for you.

Motorized versus Towable RVs

RVs are classified into two categories: Motorized and Towable

Motorized RVs

Motorized RVs are also called Motorhomes. These have engines. As such owners are free of the hassle of hooking and unhooking them to a vehicle. These types also minimizes setup and takedown from one campground to the next. Motorhomes have four categories:  Class A motorhomes, Class B motorhomes, Class C motorhomes, and campervans

Class A motorhomes

These are commonly used motorized RVs. Built on the mode of commercial bus or truck frame, simply means they are built on heavy-duty frames. They come up in the range of 21 to 45 feet in length. These vehicles have exceptional space. You can get a small apartment along a separate slide-out sections to further enlarge the living space. The kitchen in these vehicles is like traditional kitchens that you can expect in a house. You can also expect other facilities like laundry machines, bath amenities, and at times even a fireplace! There is also a basement for extra storage. You can get all these luxuries at a huge price. Basic models can be found starting around $70,000. Due to their big size, it is difficult to maneuver these through twisting roads. You can also face difficulty while parking these vehicles. These motorized RVs provide extra power with superior towing abilities. They are also tall in height, and thus provides better views of roads and sceneries while in transit.

Class B motorhomes

Class Bs are also known as “van campers”. Because they are built on the frame of a standard van. Because of their dense size, you can drive it easily. The major advantage of class B motorhome is that you can park it anywhere unlike the class A motorhomes. Do you know that you can pull a travel trailer with this? These are perfect for outing and day trips. You can get a large bed, a small kitchen, a bath, and some storage space. They accommodate up to five persons at a time. You can maintain and fuel them with a very affordable budget than class A motorhomes. These vehicles are available at prices ranging from $40,000 to $125,000.

Class C motorhomes

Class Cs are hybrid motorhomes as you can have the supreme features of both Class As and Bs. These are built on the framework of a truck or van and range between 20 to 33 feet. These are also known as “mini-motorhomes.” Class Cs are small in size than Class As, but also equipped with some of the same facilities. You can get a large kitchen and full bath amenities, laundry machine, and a large storage space. They are more maneuverable than other motorhomes, but not easy to drive like class Bs. These vehicles are available at prices from $50,000 to $120,000. If you want to buy a motorhome and you are in the market, it may just be the best affordable option for you.


These RVs come into the category of class B. You will have cooking facilities, a foldable dining area, and some space for sleeping. Usually, a campervan can accommodate two people. These RVs are best for single travelers or couples.

Towable RVs

Towable RVs are also called Trailers. To move from one place to another they require a tow vehicle. They are often less in price than motorized RVs. As there is no engine in these, so you are spared from the troubles of the engine. There are four categories of trailers: fifth-wheel trailers, travel trailers, truck bed campers, and pop-up campers.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

 In towable RVs, fifth-wheel trailers are huge and lavish. They are also the most costly that start at $56,470, are usually less in price than their motorized counterparts. Also, they are big in size and range between 20 to 40 feet. They are towed by a huge truck. In Fifth-wheels RVs you can get a large kitchen, a bath, full-size storage, and sleeping amenities. They can accommodate up to eight people.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are made up of every shape and size. In their large models you can get fully furnished multiple bedrooms, a large kitchen, and a full bath, they accommodate up to eight persons. In small travels, two persons can get some cooking and sleeping facilities. Due to its large size, its maneuvering can be difficult.

Truck bed Campers

 Truck bed campers are very cheap and easy to drive RVs. They are also known as“slide-ins” or “cab-overs.” They are made by connecting to a common truck. They have room for up to four people and you can have the amenities like minor cooking, bath facility, and storage. These RVs are superb for you if you prefer flexibility and drivability over luxury facilities. Its price range starts from $30,000.

Pop-Up Campers

Pop up campers are also known as “fold-down campers” or “tent trailers.” They contain flexible side compartments. You will have bathroom and kitchen amenities in their central section. Their tented sides can be converted into a sleeping area. Up to six persons can sleep in this area. These RVs are best for the casual camping trip. They provide you little protection from exterior elements because of their tent-style sides. They are towed by a common passenger vehicle.

Wrap Up

There is a lot of detail up there for you to consider when choosing the best RV for you, and your family. It is best to do a little research of your own, talk to RV owners, read more articles or buy a book on RV living, visit RV shows, and RV stores, or better still, rent one to get a feel of what it's like to travel or live in an RV. Nothing beats getting the experience needed to make that crucial decision to answer that question, “which RV is right for me?.”



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