The Ontario Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization with its primary goal being to raise funds and awareness for projects and initiatives that enhance the well-being of our natural world.

Ontario’s outdoor opportunities are vast and truly breathtaking. But with today’s hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, we sometimes lose sight of all that we have. “The Ontario Wildlife Foundation’s support for EcoSpark’s School Watch and Science in the City programs has transformed the lives of students and community members in the Greater Toronto Area. Participants learn the skills to become citizen science sleuths. They learned to engage with the world as scientists, monitoring for problems and engaging in stewardship projects to improve local environmental sustainability.”

In partnership with many like-minded groups and organizations, the OWF strives to educate the public and participate in projects that enhance our natural resources and the ecosystems that rely on them. “The Ontario Wildlife Foundation has been an enduring backer of the Environ-Mentoring program at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph since it launched in 2014.  This program is a group initiative whereby our volunteer mentors and at-risk child mentees attend a series of organized outings to provide opportunities to learn about nature, wildlife, and their surroundings.”

The OWF realizes that a sustainable environment is determined by many factors and that we all must work together to ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy what we sometimes take for granted. “The early and generous funding support from the Ontario Wildlife Foundation to Camp Kawartha was a catalyst that helped make our shoreline naturalization project possible.  The design and installation of over 1,600 native plants – shrubs, trees, and pollinator plants – has stabilized two sections of our waterfront.  These plants will hold the soil and lessen nutrient runoff into Clear Lake, enhance habitats and help to improve watershed health.”

Natural spaces and a healthy environment contribute greatly to our mental and physical well-being and are so important to providing all Ontarians with the opportunity to find reprieve from the daily stressors, as well as providing a way for us to deal with the many trials and tribulations of everyday life. This is especially true during these very difficult times when the entire world continues to struggle with the challenges associated with COVID-19.

Our natural world has many benefits and the OWF is committed to protecting these so that future generations have the opportunity to experience all that we have. “Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTCC) is a fully integrated turtle hospital, conservation and education center dedicated to conserving our at-risk turtle populations and their wetland habitats.  The funding provided by the OWF has been integral to our success, particularly given the increasing demands being placed on OTCC for turtle rehabilitation, and as a result, the accompanying increase in eggs and hatchlings.”

To learn more about the OWF, our past projects and initiatives, or to make a donation, please visit

Charitable registration # 88928 3412 RR0001

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